We do the car shopping for you here at Mirak Chevrolet and Mirak Hyundai.

What? Did I just say that here at Mirak Chevrolet and Mirak Hyundai we will do the shopping for you?

Yes, I sure did. Let me explain what I mean before you think I am crazy.

I have been in the auto sales industry for over twenty years. (Boy, does that make me feel dated. Let me rephrase it.) I have been in the Automobile Industry for quite some time. (There. That's better. :-) Needless to say, I enjoy what I do and have always felt a sense of accomplishment in helping someone in need. This is why I am exited about sharing our pricing process on pre-owned vehicles and how it benefits car shoppers in our Boston Area market.

When I first started in this industry most dealers, (myself included), priced their cars on what they thought the cars were worth- based solely on their professional opinion. We would look at auction reports and price guide books like NADA or Galves, but in the end, the pricing was based upon an opinion. Back then,(and still to this day), you could get six different dealership sales managers, have them each look at a car and not consult each other, then have them write down a value for this car and drop it in a ballet box. The chances are very high that the results would be six entirely different values. They may be within a few hundred to a thousand dollars of each other, but the chances of the same six answers being the same would be quite slim.

So what would happen if a dealer was to guess wrong and overpay for a car? Well, chances are that this particular dealer's asking price for this car would be higher than the average market value. If I was a consumer out shopping for a car like the one this dealer overpaid for and came across it- I would wonder why the asking price was so high. After all, why should I, or any consumer, overpay just because the dealer did? If it is the same vehicle with the same equipment, options, and mileage- why would anyone consider overpaying?

With this in mind, to avoid these mistakes and make the shopping experience a win-win situation for our customers and for ourselves, we have recently added some new software to greatly enhance our appraisal process. This new software actually compares all similar vehicles in the market, both regionally and nationally. In milliseconds it breezes through all similar models currently offered for sale. This gives us a true calculation of what a certain vehicle is really worth.

These days there are useful websites like Edmunds.com, Kelly Blue Book and NADA that will give a suggested market value. However, these sites do not always come up with the same number.

They may have information clouded by national numbers, which might not take regional differences into account. For example, if you are looking at a 4x4 SUV in the New England/ Boston region, but the zip code is set on the website to a southern region that never gets snow, the number may be artificially low. If you were in Florida, what would be the added value of four wheel drive?
In other words, these sites are great guides- but they do not always agree with each other.

Our software does take into account the suggested market values from these various research sites. But it also goes much more in-depth by taking into account all similar vehicles that are actually offered for sale- at auctions, on Cars.com, Autotrader.com, Cargurus, Craigslist, and even other dealers' websites.

This has proven to be a win-win situation because our customers will not overpay and our turn-around time and sales volume has increased. If you are looking for a pre-owned vehicle and find it in our inventory- chances are it will be priced lower than the local competition for a similar car. We know that if our product is good, clean, and priced within the top three lowest in that segment- it will sell much faster.

The software we have now is highly sophisticated and "does the shopping for us". We want to be able to market our cars at a great price. If you were to stumble upon us online and our prices were too high, we might as well have a "Do not call us- our prices are too high" message on the page. The end result would be the same. So we spend time researching each vehicle before we market it online.

Feel free compare us online. (Comparing similar vehicles- same make, model, trim level, options, mileage, etc.) I am confident that you will find our vehicles are priced fairly. Our main goal is transparency. Sell more cars, build up our customer base and service business. If you come here and we save you quite a bit of money and you enjoy your shopping experience- you are likely to give us a good review and recommend us to your friends.

We know you can go wherever you want to buy a car today. All we have to offer is great value, quality, and great customer service. Before you purchase your next pre-owned car, compare us. We will probably save you quite a bit of time and money.

Thank You For Reading,

by Jason Kurker



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